I'd like to spent some time improving the network for our office in Gran Canaria in the following aspects:

  • Mini rack: Get a cheap or second hand mini rack to put all the network equipment inside.
    • Optionally, get a patch panel to connect all the cables to and use wall-mounts
  • Cable management: Improve the cables by having cables adjusted right length for each work place

Stuff to research:

  • IPv6: Speak with our provider and find out if we can get a IPv6 static prefix and how much it would cost
    • Also, setup DHCPv6 relay for all subnets
    • Alternatively, take a look at: https://tunnelbroker.net/
  • Setup OpenVPN server to access network equipment from outside
  • Change FTTH to bridge mode so hap ac2 can get WAN IP directly. Do they allow this?
  • Connect CubieBoard to the hap ac2 (instead of running separately) and isolate it using VLAN. Is this worth the effort?

Anyone from the GC office (or willing to visit ;-p) is welcome to join add-emoji !

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 17


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