I'm currently using urlwatch to watch for new releases in upstream projects. It monitors the output of a URL and notifies you about any changes. This works fine for URLs, but there is currently no official support for GitHub. Due to the nature of the GitHub webpages, there is a some change each time you access the page and it is difficult to come up with the right set of filters.

Since there is an official API that can be used to ask for changes in a particular repository, it would be nice if urlwatch had support for it. I've worked on a prototype in the past, but never came around to cleaning it up, and making it configurable through urlwatch's configuration files. Upstream is interested in this feature and is willing to merge it.

Possible items to work on:

  • Implement GitHub API support (re-structure prototype and make it more configurable, etc.)
  • Add support for Cache Headers (Modified, ETag, etc.)
  • Make it filterable (e.g. only look for new commits and/or releases and/or tags), since every project is using those differently and you might be interested in different things
  • Add support for different git hosting services (GitLab, etc.)?
  • Add support for git repositories in general (temporarily checkout repo, look for new commits/releases/tags)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

coding python git

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


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    • kbabioch
      over 3 years ago by kbabioch | Reply

      I've hacked on this project for a while and have implemented some of the requested features. I've made upstream pull request, which will hopefully be merged and/or discussed in the (near) future.

      • ETag support -> https://github.com/thp/urlwatch/pull/256
      • Exception when output is empty -> https://github.com/thp/urlwatch/pull/257
      • Small cleanups -> https://github.com/thp/urlwatch/pull/258

      I'm still working on the GitHub feature. It is working in general, although I'm not quite sure how to deal with the filtering aspect for commits/tags/releases properly.

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