Intellipaat is offering a comprehensive AWS course created by industry experts. The entire AWS training course is in line with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. You will learn various aspects of AWS like Elastic Cloud Compute, Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Aurora database service, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling and more by working on hands-on projects and case studies. You will implement AWS best practices in this training.

What projects I will be working in this AWS certification course? Project 01 – Deploy a multi-tier website on AWS

Problem Statement: Deploying a Custom PHP Website to AWS with functionalities for SQL, NoSQL and file storage

Topics – RDS, SNS, DynamoDB, S3, VPC, EC2, NAT Gateways, Load Balancer and Auto Scaling

Highlights: 1.1 Configuring AWS to send emails for every operation using the website 1.2 Deploying the web application in private subnet with no internet access 1.3 Using Load Balancer to expose the application in the private subnet 1.4 Using NoSQL database for metadata storage 1.5 Using Auto Scaling for varying traffic workloads

Project 02 – Deploying a website for High Availability and High Resilience

Problem Statement: Design an architecture which can automatically scale up and down based on traffic and is de coupled for components like Database, webapp etc.

Topics: Auto Scaling, Target Groups, Load Balancing, RDS, PaaS, Elastic Beanstalk

Highlights: 2.1 Designing Architectures which are self-healing and auto scale 2.2 Load Balancing across multiple instances using Load Balancer 2.3 Deploying AWS RDS for connecting to Elastic Beanstalk

Project 03 – Sending Notifications to patients using push notifications

Problem Statement – Design an architecture on AWS, which can send notifications to patients based on Doctor Feedback

Topics: AWS SNS, VPC, EC2

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