Write script for generating openQA test group review results. So some effort spent on gathering openQA test results can be saved.

The generated review format looks like as below:

Build <NUM>




-- <Failure by Category 1>

-- <Test Suite 1> <Failure reason or Bug reference >

-- <Test Suite 2> <Failure reason or Bug reference >


-- <Failure by Category 2>


-- ..........


[1] The Hitchhiker's Guide To Python Kenneth Reitz, Tanya Schlusser

[2] Web Scraping with Python Ryan Mitchell


The preliminary implementation can be found here: https://github.com/waynechen55/openqa-automated-test-result-review

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    • okurz
      almost 5 years ago by okurz | Reply

      Hi, I hope you are aware of http://github.com/os-autoinst/openqa_review ?

      • waynechen55
        almost 5 years ago by waynechen55 | Reply

        That's great ! This project focus on group view like this: https://openqa.nue.suse.com/group_overview/163 And it can really improve my everyday work efficiency. Do you have any suggestion ?

        • waynechen55
          almost 5 years ago by waynechen55 | Reply

          You can have a look at the updated repo link

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