Currently not published outside of company (that would be also one of the goals).

Project: and relevant library

Check of md2jira for example usage

Generally speaking there is a tool which processes markdown file(s) and is able to create "robust" series of Epics with tasks and sub-tasks with well defined relations, and integration with schedule.

One of the pain-points is that SLE Release management creates these tasks for all milestones in advance and back-porting of changes is nearly impossible, at least not without human error.

  • Ability to detect matching Tasks based on specified product. Each Epic should have Product and target milestone.
  • Update due-dates for open tasks
  • Update summary or description of open tasks.
  • Add a new task to Epic which is still open (Removal of task is unwanted, we'll more likely reject the task instead)
  • Place tool + library on github, make sure anything SUSE specific is just matter of a configuration.
  • Build it in OBS
  • A project avatar would be nice!

Extra: update issue links (Blocks/Implements) on markdown change

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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