As a Caasp developer, I need to learn GO language. While I have an opportunity to learn GO language during HeckWeek, I want to combine GO, IAAS, and public Clouds(AWS). By this project, not only learning GO language but also advancing to utilize essential GO libraries and creating a GO project can be achieved. In addition, I need to familiarize AWS api to deploy nodes, stop the nodes, delete nodes, and upload images.

I can deploy nodes in cloud easily by this project. If I can create available nodes in AWS by this projects. Manually I can try to cluster the available AWS nodes for Kubernetes nodes.

``` Prerequisites: 1. Learning GO language 2. Learning AWS

Goal of this project in hackweek18:
1. deploying nodes in AWS using GO language

Post Project(if feasible): 1. Manually trying to add AWS nodes in kubenetes cluster ```

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 18


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