Well the see of openSUSE Infrastructure has been unrest and need our attention. I would like to invite you for this cruise trip. From the Marina https://progress.opensuse.org/ we will sail to gitlab.infra.opensuse.org Our boats will be be openVPN and our wind tmate.

Route (sailing) plan is:

  • have look on rsync.opensuse.org, current status stability and disk space.
  • have look on old machines, if they are still need and status of their OS.
  • review on KVM profiles for VMs.
  • have look on current disk usage
  • have look on open MR in the gitlab and salt infrastructure.
  • check security patches on machines and apply them if there is a need.
  • review current wiki/docu about Infra.

and many more.

Feel free to join. Martin

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 18


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    • mcaj
      over 4 years ago by mcaj | Reply

      Hi All During our journey I did fallowing checks

      I worked on machine pinot.infra.o.o in our Gitlab review the MR from cboltz and merged it into the production branch.

      I finished the setup for VM water3.infra.o.o, include salt profile for it.

      The work on salty the whitehat/rsync.o.o is lets say work in Progress. I have some notes how machine should work and have a basic idea what we should add into the machine. This is not done but lets say WIP, because the machine did not boot after the kernel update. We need check server personally and its lot locate in SUSE server rooms. Thanks to Thorsten Bro and Karol Babioch who drove there and worked the the server.

      I have some ideas how we can improve setup on this key stone of mirror structure for openSUSE infrastructure

      And finally I have a new candidate for the Heroes team. His name is Pavel Dostal beside his work for SUSE in QA (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pdostalcz/?originalSubdomain=cz) Hi is doing admin on college in Prague ( https://www.siliconhill.cz/) and there is running one of CZ opensuse mirrors. Beside the mirrors is also good in salt, so he can help us with the salt infrastructure, code review test improving and so on...

      So in the end I move it forward but the voyage in the dangerous water is not over yet.


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