Currently the SAPHanaSR* resource agents are not able to run SAP HANA with external dynamic tiering hosts. The root cause is that the dynamic tiering hosts are changing the SAP HANA landsacpe and in consequence also the way SAP HANA is interchanging status data with our resource agents.

Proposed solution

As for Scale-Up clusters the external dynamic tiereing hosts are changing the 'look and feel' to Scale-Out (multiple SAP HANA instances) there are two possible ways to address that:

  • We could change the Scale-Up resource agents to be resistant against the change of the output in SAPs interface. The advantage of this solution would be that we still could keep the 2 node cluster principle and the customer could continue with his setup. One of the disadvantages would be that the dynamic tiering hosts would not be (directly) controlled by the cluster.

  • We could test and maybe change also the Scale-Out resource agents to work with (1+1) SAP HANA systems so to drive such a hybrid of Scale-Up and Scale-Out. This path is mainly to test, if we need to change the SAPHanaSR-scaleOut resource agents, or if they could just already be used for that kind of SAP HANA installation.


The goal of the Hack Week project is to get an idea of the principles of an HA architecture to drive Scale-Up SAP HANA systems with external dynamic tiering nodes. This could lead into a supported soultion for customers later this year.

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    • fmherschel
      almost 6 years ago by fmherschel | Reply

      First results with SAPHanaSR-scaleOut are looking quite good at least on the 'real' SAP HANA worker nodes. However on the dynamic tiering nodes the SAPHanaController returns OCFNOTRUNNING(7) instead of OCF_SUCCESS(0).

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