So I have to build a tool for in full automation, when I work on KVM testing. The tool should be base on and compatible QASET (that is used currently in QA team.

The tool be designed to written by bash shell. Using libvirt as interface to manage VM. The tool is running on HOST hypervisor.

Issues: Multi-level testing framework. (Testing tool in KVM guest, KVM guest configure, Testing tool in host hypervisor, host hypervisor configure).

Multi-scenarios. I have to consider differents testing model. For example, CPU topology model NUMA, multi-threads. IO testing. Different Material(SSD, HDD, ISCSI) Different filesystem (xfs, btrfs, ext4) Different Driver( virtio, SCSI) Different Cache mode ....

Network testing. Different Material(Fiber, TP) Different Driver( NAT, Brigde) ....

There is a design document: Project Desgin Document

For performance testing for VM. (KVM)

Host Hypervisor performance testing is depend on qatestsetautomation. So we need a framework to do performance testing for Guest of KVM.


  1. The tools should use qatestsetautomation as testcase runner.
  2. This framework should be running in Host hypervisor. a). b). c).

  3. This framework should use libvirt/API as management interface.

  4. This framework must be a full automation implement.


KVM performance testing has more level than Hypervisor performance testing.

Environment Preparetion

Host environment setup steps: 1. A independed disk for IO test. /dev/sdb 2. parted it to different partition.


parted /dev/sdb --script -- mklabel gpt parted /dev/sdb --script -- mkpart primary xfs 32MiB 70GiB parted /dev/sdb --script -- mkpart primary btrfs 70GiB 90GiB parted /dev/sdb --script -- mkpart primary ext4 90GiB 100GiB parted /dev/sdb --script -- mkpart primary xfs 100GiB 110GiB

  1. format all partitions to different filesystems.(xfs, btrfs, ext4) mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdb1 mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sdb2 mkfs.ext4 -F /dev/sdb3 mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdb4

  2. layout of partitions is needed to desgin. First partition be use to store the image that will setup OS system. Other partitions be use to store the image that as secondary disk for performance testing in VM.




Prepare Environment

mkdir -pv /kvm/tmpfs mkdir -pv /kvm/btrfs mkdir -pv /kvm/ext4 mkdir -pv /kvm/tmpfs

Mount all directory

mount /dev/sdb1 /kvm mount /dev/sdb2 /kvm/btrfs mount /dev/sdb3 /kvm/ext4 mount /dev/sdb4 /kvm/xfs mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /kvm/tmpfs

Install VM


virt-install --name opensuseks \ --disk path=/kvm/opensuseks,size=20,format=qcow2,bus=virtio,cache=none \ --disk path=/kvm/xfs/iotest,size=10,format=qcow2,bus=virtio,cache=none \ --os-variant sles12 \ --noautoconsole \ --wait=-1 \ --vnc \ --vcpus=4 \ --ram=1024 \ --console=log.file=/root/vm-install.log \ --network bridge=br0,mac=52:54:00:C7:06:F3,model=virtio \ --location= \ -x "console=ttyS0,115200n8 install= autoyast=" if [ $? eq 0 ]; then virsh destroy vm-perf-test fi



Task management

Running management

!/bin/bash -

set -e


guestfish -d "${guestname}" <<'EOF' run mount /dev/sda2 /

Deployment script

copy-in /

Running list

copy-in james_care.list / EOF

CPU Bound testing

CPU topology configure

NUMA / SMP / Multi-threads configure secnarios.

IO testing

In Hypervisor performance testing.

I/O testing use /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdc1 directly.

In KVM performance testing,

(QASET in KVM Guest) --- Testing running here.

[ Filesystem ] {/dev/vdb1,/dev/vdc1} kvm

\ host \ (KVM performance testing framework) --- This framework. / / (File) [Filesystem] {/dev/sdb1,/dev/sdc1}

Prepare partition in Guest: Add a VDisk into Guest: <fixme>

Parted this disk: parted /dev/vdb --script -- mkpart primary 0 -1

Network testing

(QASET in KVM Guest) --- Testing running here.

{interface1} {interface} {interface} kvm

\ |____________| host \ (KVM performance testing framework) --- This framework. / / {interface}

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