In a nutshell

Egkatastasis is an open source system for testing openSUSE container images providing basic mechanisms for installation, log analysis, and metrics visualization of every package contained into the official repositories.

Egkatastasis tests production container workloads at scale using Docker and systemd-nspawn, combined with the best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community using Filebeat and Elastic Stack.

Egkatastasis is hosted by GitHub. If you are interested in openSUSE and you want to help shape the evolution of testing openSUSE container images, consider joining our effort by contributing in any way that feels fun for you.

Connect with Build Service

At this Hackweek I will try to trigger egkatastasis to test a package as soon as this is build in Build Service. I will study RabbitMQ with Ruby Bunny. Concept is as follows:

  • 1. A pkg gets built in OBS
  • 2. Egkatastasis gets informed about it thanks to AMQP bus
  • 3. Egkatastasis tests the installation of the package in our official SUSE/openSUSE containers
  • 4. Send the logs to ELKstack, plus back to OBS using the same bus.
  • 5. OBS receives the result of the test and informs the packager

To start using Egkatastasis

The GitHub repository hosts all the information about running Egkatastasis in just a few minutes, how to contribute code and documentation, who to contact about what, etc. If you want to test a single package using Egkatastasis right away, without any logging analysis:

You have a Linux box with Docker up and running

$ git clone

$ cd ./egkatastasis/docker

$ pkg='vim' # define the package under test

$ ./ ${pkg} # run the test

$ cat ${pkg}.log # see the logs


Egkatastasis is an independent project created by Panos Georgiadis which will hopefully being built and shaped by a growing community of contributors at some point in time.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 17


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