I like light weight presentation frameworks based on plain text files. There are quite some frameworks using the browser for presenting but many require a full blown web server. remark seems to be about the lightest I could find. I could make actual use of it when there would be openSUSE(/SUSE) branding.


  • a template based on remark with openSUSE branding based on openSUSE branding guidelines


My personal plan is to follow the following steps in this order and priority

  • understand the openSUSE branding guidelines
  • show background image
  • embed correct fonts
  • colors
  • streamline how the settings can be used in a template file or maybe one template file pluse one content file

current state

After evaluating aspier's reveal.js presentation template my current understanding is that most likely I can not make a presentation with remark which is much simpler than aspier's ones based on reveal.js. Take a look at to see that in action. An expection might be trivialities like replacing lines like <!-- .slide: data-state="cover" id="guidelines-cover-page" data-timing="20" data-menu-title="Guidelines" --> with just class: cover but with this potentially loosing features like the nice navigation side bar. Still, I will try to adapt the css style to remark which should help me at least to learn better css.

So I completed a first draft of a remark.js presentation based on the SUSE branding template. The code is stored on github okurz/remark-suse-branding

A demo presentation is available on ~okurz as well as


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