The following improvements for kanku are planned:

Desktop notifications

Use HTML5 Desktop Notification to give user direct feedback.

Implement force_worker attribute for jobs triggered in WebUI

This is useful if you need a long term testing/development VM, and you would like to force the VM on a specific worker

Prioritize triggered over scheduled jobs

  • The dispatcher should work on triggered jobs first
    • Jobs triggered by the webUI should have the highest priority as a user is waiting for results
    • Jobs triggered by the new triggerd should have higher priority than scheduled jobs as scheduled jobs might test already tested packages
  • scheduled jobs have lower priority as they do not reflect a current event

Implement Kanku::Dispatch::RabbitMQ->score_applications

  • ATM this function is only a stub. It would be needed to avoid false positives because of missing resources on workers with less resources

Implement a status page for the dispatcher/scheduler/worker/triggerd processes

  • e.g. A ping to all workers


  • Bugfixing
    • login redirects to non existent site
    • 404 is only JSON when redirected wrong on login
  • Refactoring
  • More Testcases

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Hack Week 16


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