We have a known defect exists in Staging Project process, according to the staging project design(in-ring/non-ring), the requests of a application stack can be dispatched to letter staging and adi staging both, in case the request staged in adi staging relies the request staged in letter staging which may causes sometimes the request in adi staging will not be checked-in at the same round, this leads that application stack have different version in TW and those package had request left in adi staging may does not work well as version unmatched to other library. We see this issue happened on Qt5 stack; KDE Applications, etc. For example: a Qt5 stack update, libqt5-qtbase will be staged in a letter staging however libqt5-qtwebview will be staged in a adi staging, once libqt5-qtbase be accepted that libqt5-qtwebview won't be accept in the same round due to it can not be built before libqt5-qtbase merged to Factory but after - 2-phase update. Therefore we need a way to handle those cases to reduce the gap between Letter staging and ADI staging.

The concept of this idea:

1) osc staging connect REQUEST REQUEST_IN_ADI which connected two requests between letter and adi, the metadata in the letter/adi staging can be

connected: { id: XXX, package: XXX, project: XXX }

2) create package link in the adi staging per the command above to adopt the requirement of other packages can be built.

3) while accept command accepting that letter staging, the command have to check that relevant adi staging, if that adi staging is ok to accept then accept command should to do that.

4) to protect this process, unselect, select --move and adi --move have to remember update the metadata and wipes the package container.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

stagingproject python

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