SUSE Manager's Formulas with Forms are a powerful way of allowing admins to parametrize Salt states for groups of systems or individual systems.

One form field that is missing from the current implementation, but would be extremely useful, is a "multi-field" that allows you to enter the same data structure (e.g. a partition table entry or a combination of user name and password) one or more times.

The idea is to implement this in a "by example" way in the form.yml description syntax, so you can just define a section like you currently define a group, with one or more existing field types (e.g. a text and a password field), and define how often this section should be allowed in the form, e.g. 1-4 times.

The UI would then display a "[+]" button that allows you to add more items until the limit is reached.


This is how the syntax could look like:

users: $type: multi $count: 1- #meaning 1 to infinity

name: user_name $type: text

name: is_admin $type: boolean $default: False

This will render a section like this:

Name: [ ] Is Admin: [ ] [+]

By clicking the [+] button, another user can be added.

We probably also should allow to remove items again.

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