These are various ideas to learn about device trees and test the upstream vc4 graphics drivers on RPI3

  • Learn about device tree (firmware vs kernel), and how to use device tree overlays.

  • There is a DRM graphics driver (kernel + mesa) for the RPI vc4: Test it on Tumbleweed (or SLES), report bugs. See that device tree + overlays are setup correctly. Non-upstream bits from the above repo are likely needed. Caveat: Developer focuses on Raspbian, so I am not sure what works on openSUSE yet. But this is part of the project.

  • Help fix VC4 (Videocore RPI) issues in the same repo

  • Help fix VC4 mesa driver issues.

  • Test RPI camera driver, see if dmabuf sharing works.

  • Test video decode, see if dmabuf works. Helpful userspace test

  • Test RPI 7'' touchscreen with vc4. Display driver exists but only over I2C (DSI - display serial interface has issues).

  • Implement RPI3 input driver for RPI foundation 7'' touchscreen (although broadcom developer is also going to do this)

  • Test the VCHIQ driver (this arbitrates between ARM and VPU) currently at drivers/staging

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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