the MOD Duo is a guitar/instrument pedalboard made by the company Mod Devices, which has the following features:


  • Open-source firmware based on Linux, Jack, LV2 standard.
  • Web client served by the pedalboard itself via WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Two independent inputs and outputs. Supports any signal chain in between.
  • Ability to create or build your own effects.

This project is about building the software components on openSUSE, with the following goals:

  • Learn how it works
  • Contribute to it
  • Evaluate it before buying the hardware
  • Experiment: eg. make a simpler pedalboard with a RaspberryPi and a DAC.


  • mod-host and mod-ui built here.

mod-ui running on openSUSE:


How to run it

sudo zypper ar obs://home:dmacvicar:mod/openSUSE_Tumbleweed modduo

# install qjackctl and friends sudo zypper in a2jmidid qjackctl jack

# install mod duo software sudo sudo zypper in mod-host mod-ui

# install some effects sudo sudo zypper in lv2-calf lv2-guitarix

Now, configure QJacjCtl to start mod-host at startup of jack:

Go to Setup -> Options

[X] Execute Script after Startup: [ a2jmidid -e & mod-host ] ... [X] Execute Script on Shutdown: [ killall a2jmidid mod-host ]

Edit the mod-ui port:

sudo vi /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/mod/

Change the port to a non-root port:


Start jack with QJackCtl Now start mod-ui:


Go to http://localhost:$port in your browser.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

music packaging guitar

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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    • nasoftz
      over 5 years ago by nasoftz | Reply

      the link on above does not work , not able to download ..could you solve this problem,please? nice project!

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