kanku is designed to give you a better integration of your kiwi images built by the Open Build Service (OBS) in your development and testing workflow.

The idea is to refactor kanku-scheduler so it can use distributed workers for more scalability using the following technologies:

(just brainstorming)

  • RabbitMQ - for task distribution
    • The master server sends out an job-advertisement for the current job (including needed resources)
    • The workers calculate their used/free resources
    • Workers with enough free resources send out an job-application with it`s used/free resources to the master
    • The master decides based on the given resources information which worker should get the job and sends out an job-confirmation to the selected worker.
    • The master starts the job and sends the information for specific tasks in this job to worker
      • Tasks can be
      • dedicated to the master (like updating the git cache)
      • dedicated to the worker (like downloading the image)
      • dedicated to all workers (like deleting old data like VM's)
    • The worker sends back the results/job context to the master
  • Open vSwitch - for a distributed network over all workers
  • Refactor of Taskhandlers:
    • CreateDomain -> PortForwarding

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