posixovl is a FUSE based successor of the old UMSDOS. It has a goal to provide POSIX file system functionality on top of vfat. Its code is nice and well written, but its feature set is not complete yet. It just supports: POSIX modes and user/group, hard and symbolic links, device nodes and named pipes.

Much more can be done:

  • XATTR support

  • ACL support

  • acurrate time stamps

  • support for local time stamps => UNIX time conversion with DST heuristics

  • support for obscure characters in file names allowed by POSIX but not allowed by underlying file systems

  • case sensitivity without clashes

  • shortname case sensitivity without clashes (independent of shortname= option)

  • long names without risk of overflow (and long names even on top of 8+3 file systems)

  • support for file systems that don't support files starting by dot

  • per volume configuration

  • implement checks for per volume configuration

  • ctime, mtime, atime

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