The Problem

The first thing one should do when resolving a bug is to find out, whether that bug wasn't encountered and perhaps even fixed before. Using our internal Bugzilla's search, that can be long and painful task. I don't know if I'm querying it wrong, or if the problem is the amount of bugs (> 1M and growing quickly), or the number of users, or simply the Bugzilla itself. Also another problem is that some bugs have wrong metadata, which makes the efforts to narrow the search a bit harder.


When I was once upon a time frustrated by one never-ending Bugzilla search, I wrote a simple script which ran over last 14k L3 bugs and indexed their contents in Xapian, dedicated search library. Search using that was fast like quickening, and I even found it a bit more comfortable. You may find my results at

Another advantage of that approach is that it can include also metadata from other party's systems - in our (L3) case it's SolidGround and ptfdb.

The plan

Of course those 14k is a small fraction of the number of bugs required for it to be a valid substitute for Bugzilla search. So the first thing which we should try is to index several hundreds of thousands bugs, and see how fast and usable the search will be.

If it still will be usable, we should consider offering that as an alternative tool.

The result

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • okurz
      over 7 years ago by okurz | Reply

      how about a project to work on making the real bugzilla instance faster e.g. by moving out old bugs that are closed for multiple years? :-)

      • alnovak
        over 7 years ago by alnovak | Reply

        Would deleting old records actually speed up bugzilla search significantly? I have no doubt that it would be better and more systematic to improve bugzilla directly.

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