In 2017 Linux desktops still lack a good-looking Chess interface. 10 years ago I got frustrated and started my own.

The interface is using cairo to draw the board and SVG pieces to smoothly scale at any size.

  • basic support to play on FICS
  • basic integration with Crafty

I want to give it a huge face-lift by:

  • improving the looks of the UI (cope with dark themes)
  • integrating with UCI engines (Stockfish) instead of Crafty to support analysis mode and play vs the engine
  • adding UI to seek games (currently it is through typing in the terminal)
  • supporting pre-moves (crucial for Bullet/Blitz)

There is a long list of features that need to be added before the board is usable.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 15


  • over 7 years ago: Julbra originated this project.

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