I wanted to work on something test related this hackweek since we always need more automated testing of our virtualization-related packages. There are many possible test-related topics, but I think a good addition would be more unit tests that are run during build time, e.g. during 'make check'. Additional tests of this nature would then be run by upstream developers and the various distro CI setups, exposing the tests to more environments than would typically be available within SUSE.

To this end, I'm planning to add unit tests to libvirt.git that test conversion of domain XML to structures used by Xen's libxl interface. The first attempt at such tests was nearly 3 years ago


The effort stalled several times and it has been nearly 1.5 years since last attempt at revival. I will use hackweek to investigate and implement an approach that overcomes the obstacles of previous attempts.

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      Patches implementing tests for conversion of libvirt domXML to libxl domain config sent upstream


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