The Nokia N900 is a versatile phone/tablet/mini-computer. While its specs are outdated by today's standards, it's still hard to find something equivalently useful to hack on-the-go.

Most of it's drivers are already upstream, with just a few components missing:

Debian 7 was already mostly working on it 1.5 years ago.


  • install a modern distro on the N900
  • Work on fixing/upstreaming whatever is left to do

Bluetooth should be particularly useful when running a Desktop Linux on it. The driver needs some clean-up, and a forward-port of power management from the stock 2.6.28 kernel.

A good starting point can be found on GitHub:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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    • keichwa
      over 6 years ago by keichwa | Reply

      I'd more interested in N810 support (what's even older and more limited - but emacs worked nicely on it).

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