Tigervnc comes with two very similar VNC viewers - one written in C++ and one in java. The java one can be embedded in a webpage as a java applet. We use that in our default VNC setup (the one enabled in YaST). That way if user doesn't have VNC viewer installed, browser is enough.

However running java applets in browser is getting harder every day. Especially when the applet isn't signed by a trusted authority.

I want try to use emscripten to build the C++ viewer into javascript. I am not sure how feasible it is. Some fixes in the tigervnc code and some additional glue code will be probably required.

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    • JKrupa2
      about 8 years ago by JKrupa2 | Reply

      Hi, I'm not sure how is this feasible alternative but there are already HTML5 VNC clients like noVNC ( https://kanaka.github.io/noVNC/ ) . The only problem with these is that the server must support serving the VNC protocol over WebSockets (because JavaScript in a browser cannot do direct TCP connections) or there needs to be proxy between the browser and VNC server. LibVNCServer and QEMU integrated VNC server already supports WebSockets.

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