Some months ago I was diagnosed with quite some allergies and I've been using a home-made google drive spreadsheet to track everything I eat for the last 6 months in the hope to have some raw data that can be processed and I can obtain information on which exact food (or foods) produce bad symptoms.

Using a spreadsheet in the cloud is nice, but it's not perfect, so in this project I intend to write an application for android/linux (using Qt) that I can use for that.

The features I'd like to implement:

  • A tab where users can introduce foods they eat, optionally with the allergens/ingredients that food has (food can be a general food, like "Lettuce" or a specific market brand, like "Heinz Ketchup"). Also, it should allow to introduce allergens you think you might have had (when you eat at a restaurant, I'm afraid you can't always trust the waiter/waitress).
  • Another tab where users can add some food from the previous tab to a "Food Diary", which automatically introduces the time of day at which the user ate it and information like that.
  • A tool to help write down what you ate at a later time, so you can take a photo of your meal so you don't forget everything that was inside that salad you ate 2 days ago.
  • Another tab where users can introduce symptoms they're having (or had at some time).
  • Another tab to see a summary of allergens and symptoms had per week (useful to show to doctors).
  • Some analyzer that recognizes patterns of foods (or combination/mix) which provoke symptoms, as sometimes, it's not a specific food that provokes a reaction (like peanuts usually do) but an accumulation of some ingredient in your body which provokes a reaction.
  • Some utility to schedule meals for the whole week more or less automatically to help you go shopping at the supermarket.

I have tons of experience with Qt and KDE on the desktop but never on Android, so this might be a good way to learn how to create mobile applications while at the same time, do something that might be useful for other people with allergies.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • wstephenson
      almost 8 years ago by wstephenson | Reply

      You might want to look at the existing app for inspiration as it covers most of these features and has detailed breakdowns of dishes to recipes. The snapshot idea is brilliant though.

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