Using dynaname it is already possible to securely auto-update DNS records in a bind9, but this still needs a linux machine. This project is about building a CGI frontend for it that makes it a replacement for the discontinued service.

my CGI is now in <a href="">github</a>

It has the advantage of not needing any database and working stateless, meaning you can run the same CGI on 5 hosts behind HAProxy and it does not need to run on the DNS-server host, just reach its port 53

example CGI call:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • osynge
      about 9 years ago by osynge | Reply

      Great idea, I hacked soem thign for my nameservice provider via cron, but some thign more general is a great idea.

    • lrupp
      about 9 years ago by lrupp | Reply

      JFYI: does what I need at the moment. There is no GUI, but at least updating my own bind9 zones works for me with FritzBox a client.

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