My home server, and my other box hosting are both in need of a bit of a refresh

While I could be nice and conservative and pick an openSUSE regular release, I'm actually considering using openSUSE Tumbleweed, and fully embracing the 'Servers as Cattle' concept

Starting with a Tumbleweed BaseOS, probably hosting nothing more than HA Proxy and Salt

Salt should be able to provide all the orchestration I need for creating VMs and managing them, both in terms of 'one shot' commands and mandatory 'states', keeping everything updated all the time

HA Proxy should be all I need to route everything around to the VMs, especially as I'll be limited in available IPv4 addresses,especially for my home server.

Will be interesting to see if our Rolling Release really is a crazy idea for a server, or if I'll find myself wanting something more stable.

Tumbleweed as a Server OS?

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • pgonin
      over 9 years ago by pgonin | Reply

      well... if your "cattle" is large enough you are fine... if you proceed with care. but don't upgrade any sensitive part of the infrastructure as a first step :)

    • pluskalm
      over 9 years ago by pluskalm | Reply

      You are not using Tumbleweed on server? I am shocked!

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