As result of last Hackweek we build a proxy server in our Prague office. The proxy server (base on squid) is caching only iso and rpm files from selected destinations. It had been working fine and popular. But is has its limitations... This hackweek would like to work on them.

Missing features are:

  • support only HTTP, so let add FTP and rsync - is it`s possible.
  • support ipv4 only. let`s add ipv6 support.
  • check the status of squid bug we found last time in the official SLE-12 package.
  • improve overview about files is the cache and build kind of statistic about usage.
  • discover he possibility to download "hot" isos as soon as they are build on build service, co ti will be already in the cache.
  • unpack isos and check PXE menu, base on real present data and not logs files.
  • make wiki page how it works and announce it

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 12


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