Create a database of common and not so common error messages, warnings, etc. to provide references to bugzilla, TIDs, wikis, etc.

When working in support you often run into issues that have unspecific or misleading error message. Google might be helpful, but especially with kernel dumps, longer traces, complex issues this doesn't help.

The learning curve for new products like SUSE Manager can be high, because you need to know which service logs to which log file and need to understand the format. This project should cover to help with that by naming the service/program to an error message.

Another problematic field are boot messages. Boot.msg or boot.log can contain over a hundred messages where often it is not clear what happened because the type of message is not clear. Is it informal? A warning? An error?

With complex issues one might want to look into several log files and it could be hard to bring them into context.

This project will also try to classify unspecific errors and warnings.

A long term goal might be to define a unified logging format which on one hand can offer a common log file format which is easily readable no matter if you ever worked with the program or product or not. On the other hand it could provide a parser that translates messages into something more readable.

As a side effect you might be able to diff log files from a healthy and broken system state. This is often needed if issues occur after a SP or kernel update.

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  • over 10 years ago: cyberiad originated this project.

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    • bmwiedemann
      over 10 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

      How will this be better than googling for the error message?

    • cyberiad
      over 10 years ago by cyberiad | Reply

      Googling for error message is not very successful if you work with different products, programming languages, operating systems, etc.

      I also need to add more information to the project to explain what the benefits will be.

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