Use my work supplied workstation to set up SUSE Cloud under KVM and deploy several instances of servers.

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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Hack Week 11


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    • markkp
      over 9 years ago by markkp | Reply

      I was (eventually) successful in getting most things to work. The one thing I could not accomplish was to perform an actual install of SLES on the compute node. The install would start, but then sit there, seemingly forever, chewing up 100% of the virtual processors assigned to the guest. What was interesting about this was that I could boot the system into rescue mode from the same DVD image with no problems. I'm guessing that running this as a guest on a compute node that was already a KVM guest of my workstation either ran into performance problems or the hardware detection part of the installer had some sort of problem due to the nesting.

      Aside from that, I found it very frustrating to try and figure out the networking, and how things should be set up, even by default. I had tried to start off by reading the deployment guide, but with that being over 200 pages long, I figured that I would never finish that before the end of the week.

      Things wouldn't have been so bad if it would have been possible to re-deploy the admin node without having to re-install the whole operating system.

    • markkp
      over 9 years ago by markkp | Reply

      Other parts of the install/configuration were also confusing. My general impression is that a paying customer is likely going to require a consultant to help them get things set up unless they already have someone with reasonable OpenStack experience on staff.

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