CalDAV [1] and CardDAV [2] are client/server protocols designed to allow users to access and share calendar and contact data on a server. There are many CalDAV and CardDAV clients around, e.a. Thunderbird/Lightning and also free CalDAV and CardDAV servers like Baïkal.

With that project I want to create a client in PHP to be able to create and modify data in calendars and addressbooks from websites.

[1] [2]

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Hack Week 11


  • over 9 years ago: holgisms started this project.
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    • tboerger
      over 9 years ago by tboerger | Reply

      Oh man, have fun with all these valid available RFCs :D

      • holgisms
        over 9 years ago by holgisms | Reply

        Thx, I will ;-)

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