My last hackweek project was "melbot", a server-side automated system for running performance tests. This went from being a project to something the performance team now uses heavily. The volume of data it now produces is excessive and problems are easily missed. It's a short hackweek for me due to being on holiday for two of the days but there are three objectives to the hackweek project

  1. Rename melbot to marvin. The melbot name was a joke that has outlived its usefulness
  2. Unify the reporting. There was a lot of duplicated code due to initial design mistakes and it is a pre-requisite. This is more on the mmtests side
  3. Build some analysis that generates a single value representing goodness/badness. This is also more on the mmtest side.
  4. If 3 works, build a dashboard that displays good/bad over a range of tests and machines. This would then become part of Marvin if it works.

Item 3 is the experimental part, I'm not sure if it's even possible to do it in the general case but it's something I've wanted to try for a long time.

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Hack Week 11


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    • xgonzo
      over 9 years ago by xgonzo | Reply

      I am interested in your ideas for dashbaord. My hackweek project is improve and extend QA dashboard.

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