Intel Rapid Start Technology(IRST) is a firmware mechanism enables your system to get up and running faster from sleep, saving time and power consumption, it will cause the system to wake up from S3 and suspend to S4(with SSD)[1]. Currently kernel 3.11 already support it[2], however there haven't a graphic tool to control its wakeup event and timeout, like as similar tool on Windows[3]. This Hackweek I'll create a YaST module to handle those parameters.




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  • over 9 years ago: mlin7442 started this project.
  • over 9 years ago: mlin7442 originated this project.

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    • ancorgs
      over 9 years ago by ancorgs | Reply

      YaST. Programming it as a YaST module would have a lot of sense

    • mlin7442
      over 9 years ago by mlin7442 | Reply

      really a good idea, I like it!

    • mlin7442
      over 9 years ago by mlin7442 | Reply

      since those sysfs parameters need root permissions to change the value, YaST module is a nice solution indeed.

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