Automated testing of OpenSSL master branch

a project by ohollmann

Project Description

Play with GitHub/GitLab CI or OBS service to automatically build OpenSSL master branch.

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Logs and journal visualization in Trento

an idea by xarbulu

Project Description

In order to add some debugging power to Trento, I want to play with different tools (such as promtail) to see if I can display different logs in the Trento web view.

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Catalog/Online Store for a bakery in Rails 7

a project by gfilippetti

My wife needs a website to catalog and sell the products of her upcoming bakery, and I need to learn and practice modern Rails. So I'm using this Hack Week to build a modern store using the latest Ruby on Rails best practices, ideally up to the deployment.


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ESP32 Meteostation

a project by emiler

Project Description

The goal is to build a custom PCB and firmware for a smart meteostation with ESP32 at it's core. The board should have PoE available. Sparkfun Weather Meter Kit is used for the anemometer, wind vane and rain gauge.

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Use TPM2 Policynv to validate sealed key to prevent downgrade attack

a project by michael-chang

Project Description

Currently a key rotation via fdectl regenerate-key is used to revoke all released tpm2 sealed keys. However the procedure can be a bit risky as the result to change key slots. Using tpm2 policynv may provide better approach in this regard given a counter or timestamp can be matched to validate tpm keys before using it.

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Open Source Culture in China

an idea by sunyan

Project Description

I am one of founders of openSUSE.Asia summit and actively got involved in Open Source Community, coincidentally I was given a book named "Open Source Culture in China" by the writer Xiaoqing Fan, so I plan to read this book and get to know what is situation of open source in China combining what I have seen and heard, then will think about what can I contribute more to promote open source.

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Yubikey support in GRUB2

a project by gary_lin

Project Description

The key protector support in GRUB2 is on the way and it currently supports only TPM2. This project is aim to explore the possibility to extend the key protector to support Yubikey to store the LUKS key.

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A command line image collector tool for my gallery website

a project by AZhou

Project Description

After I start to do photography, I created a website as gallery to show my good photos (, I don't want to host such a gallery on my own server because it's only some static images, and GitHub pages is perfect for it. But a easy to use way to submit photos and re-generate the webpage is needed. Currently I write a Telegram bot to do this, it is strange but useful, I don't need to write a whole CMS by hand, just listen to Telegram messages and call the render script.

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WS2812B lights programming with RPI Pico (microcontroller with WIFI)

a project by adamm

Project Description

Let's write some friendly API that will allow WS2812-controlled LEDs to be addressed via RPC.

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a project by e_bischoff

Project Description

People need to test operating systems and applications on s390 platform.

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