Simplify, modernize, and accelerate the process and tools for reviewing YES submissions from partners. Hopeful goals to accomplish:

1) The submission review utility is in the cloud on gitlab.

2) Get the VM Submission review utility completely working.

3) Improve the formatting for the log file information displayed.

4) Bad TSF checksum detected. This is not detected correctly. The checksum is usually good. We need to fix this.

5) Does the HDD, RAM, NIC's, and CPU listed on the bulletin match the OS detected HDD, RAM, NIC's, and CPU? Compare the components listed on the in the html file to the OS detected components in HW info or to the components detected in the bottom of the tsf file.


1) As part of this project we created place for the submission review utility code in

2) We got the VM to work, but during testing we noticed upload time was about double as the old server, which made the new VM unfeasible. We had to start over setting up a new server on physical hardware ("wasp" at )

3) Formatting was improved

4) The bug that prevented checksum validation was fixed in the new VM and in a new physical server (wasp)

We should point out that due to other high priority issues in our day to day responsibilities (e.g. 3 bugs fixed during the week) we were only able to spend about 2-3 days worth of work on hackweek.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 19


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