Building a mesh network is not rocket science.

There is enough free firmware for Wireless Routers out there to bring a mesh up in a calculateable (tm) amount of time. No problem for streaming video over wireless. Even audio works most of the time without noticeable hickups or disruptions.

However it starts to get funny when you start to get in motion! Move around with your viewer or audio device. Or use a wireless disk as a data source. What quality of service does remain? How does it feel when the devices get passed from one radio cell to the neighbouring one. Can we get a continous stream using standard client software? Is there any admin software tools around to monitor a mesh network and the connection quality of its cell?

Questions over questions !! We will find out and hack the rest ;-)

Stream the garden ! Mesh network meets multimedia in motion :-) Join the team and build a MM-Streaming-Mesh in the inner court garden at the Maxtorhof in Nuremberg.

As equipment so far I've got eight LinkSys Wrt54G a wireless disk and certainly a mobile phone ...

... the first two days passed around ... had to learn a lot, and a lot decisions have been made.

  • Firstly this is not a too easy topic as I thought in the beginning. Found that there are already two master thesis around that do together almost cover the things I want. So no way I'm going to finish this in a week ;-)
  • Secondly There are a lot of 'mesh experts' around. Do not trust any ...
  • Am going to deploy on an old openwrt release, backfire 10.03.1, with 802.11s support in it, no BATMAN, OLSR or WDS usage planned.
  • Most likely I will need to learn to build my own openwrt release as else am target to run run out of memory

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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