Docker has become an integral part of software engineering. We use Docker for development, testing, and deployment because it’s easy to manage the environment. Because of its portability, it has become popular in the software industry. That mean’s if your code works in development, it will work in production. Moreover, developers can collaborate faster without worrying about which software dependency they need to install. Essential Docker Commands You Should Know:

  1. docker search
  2. docker pull
  3. docker images
  4. docker run
  5. docker ps
  6. docker stop
  7. docker restart
  8. docker rename
  9. docker exec
  10. docker logs
  11. docker rm
  12. docker rmi

Want to learn more about these commands Docker Lifecycle Commands Docker Image Commands Docker Container Commands Docker Compose Commands Docker Volume Commands Docker Networking Commands Docker Logs and Monitoring Commands Docker Prune Commands Docker Hub Commands

Then visit the Blog Docker commands for more detailed Information.

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