An API (Application Programming Interface) is the functional key for communication between disparate applications or programs. APIs open up accessibility and make the data more useful.

Apigee Edge is an API gateway management tool. It was originally founded in 2004 in Santa Clara, California with the name Sonoa Systems and later rebranded as Apigee in 2010. Google has acquired Apigee in the year 2016. Apigee Edge is used for developing and managing APIs. Many websites and applications are connected together with APIs to provide data feeds. The Apigee Edge provides an abstraction for backend service APIs. It mainly offers security, rate limiting, quotas, analytics, and other features for the APIs.

Apigee Edge provides a secure way of access to the backend services with a well-defined API. This API will be easy to consume by any type of application. Even if the backend is changed or data is changed, the API won't get affected. When applications or app developers access the APIs, they access an API proxy that is created on the Edge. The API proxy acts as a mapping of the HTTP endpoint to the backend service. The Edge will handle the authorization and security to protect the backend services.

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